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Take a look at the garage door FAQs we compiled.

Our FAQ page covers various topics relating to garage doors, and includes answers that can help extend the lifetime of your garage door, opener, springs and other accessories.

Will a garage door and opener work in a low ceiling garage?

In most cases, yes. Our pros recommend a minimum of 4.5” headroom area but if you plan to install an opener, you will need a minimum of 6.5” space. In such cases the garage door system will need a track system to fit into the low headroom.

What is the necessary maintenance routine for my garage door?

There are many things to consider in maintaining the durability of your garage door but this is what you should always remember: Never try to fix it yourself but contact our technicians. For your door’s maintenance, check its lubrication, cables, springs, rollers and track at least twice a year.

Are garage doors safe for my family?

Garage doors are the largest moving parts of your home and so, safety must be considered when choosing a door. All the garage doors in our company's selection are fitted with a safety system to ensure that it is tamper proof and no harm will befall you and your family.

What's the new spring-less Amarr garage door?

It has the beauty of Italian designs and high-technology! The new Trenton collection by Amarr has no garage door springs, tracks or rails. It has two panels, which fold together and leave plenty of space in the garage. It's practical, elegant, and ideal for small spaces.

How do openers with DC and AC motors compare?

The openers with DC motors deliver excellent performance. They run smoothly and quietly. They can have a very high opening speed. They are smaller and lighter compared to their counterparts. The models with AC motors are often more durable. Our specialists in Newcastle recommend that you look closely into the specs of each opener model.

Why is lubrication good for the system?

All mechanisms need oiling. Steel moves smoother when it is lubricated. If lubricants are absent and steel comes in contact with steel, the noise will be loud and the material will wear out easily. Since, garage door parts are made of steel, they require good lubrication maintenance and cleaning in order to move smoothly and last longer. Ask our specialists for assistance.

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